SYMOP, committed to an optimised connected and creative industry alongside the AIF

SYMOP takes full part in the movement initiated for the modernisation of the Industry, through its specific actions as well as its participation in the “Alliance Industry of the Future”.
Through the Alliance, SYMOP supports its members in their development towards a more competitive industry, especially by taking part in work groups:

  • development of the technological solutions of the future,
  • regional implementation to businesses,
  • people and Industry of the Future,
  • international standardisation,
  • promotion of the existing technological offer,
  • Industry of the Future showcases,
  • communication.

Each work group makes practical proposals for the operational implementation of the programme goals:

  • road map for the additive manufacturing system,

  • appointment of experts to provide support to SMEs in their modernisation programme,
  • Rollout of the “Osons l’Industrie” (“Dare to embark on the Industry of the Future”) project, an internet portal showcasing the trades, training programmes and job offers in the industry impacted by digital technology and new technologies,
  • proposed cooperation with “Industrie 4.0” in Germany regarding the issues of standardisation,
  • promotion of the products and services abroad, in particular with the “Créative Industrie” brand,
  • “Vitrines Industrie du Futur” (“Industry of the Future showcase”) certification of 12 companies, inspiring examples for the French industry,
  • creation of the graphical charter, communication materials,
  • caravans across the regions to raise awareness of local players, present good practices, bring together and support businesses towards the Industry of the Future.

Each of these drivers represents various fields to be explored and core technologies to be integrated. They have been identified by the Alliance as the tools to support the transformation of French SMEs and enhance their competitiveness.

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